Patient Capital, Agile Investment

A family office with a focus on people and ideas.

About us

Arlow Capital is a Family Office that combines the nimbleness of youth with the wisdom of experience.
Born out of a third generation family business that synthesizes old-world work ethic with the courage to disrupt.

Established in 2017 as a single family office, Arlow capitalizes on unique opportunities utilizing our investing experience.

We have the patience to invest for the long term and the agility to act quickly and decisively when the opportunity arises.

Our focus

We invest in areas that benefit from patient capital, differentiated thinking, strong ideas and people.

Real Estate

Venture Capital

Public Equity

Our approach

Transaction Lead

Sourcing opportunities, identifying appropriate financing partners, determining optimal capital structure and financing solutions as well as ongoing management and repositioning of the investment if necessary.

Passive Investor

In Arlow’s targeted industries and sectors we will either partner with subject matter expert investors as a passive minority investor, or with third-party managers in order to diversify exposure and mitigate risk.

Our team

An agile, passionate and experienced team focused on growth and success.

Samuel Werner

Managing Partner

Jules Grunwald


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